The Wrong Lizard is the brainchild of Nathan A. Stine … the guy who no one calls by his first name except for his family.

Stine, who once said he wanted to be the “Noam Chomsky of computer science”, is a 2007 graduate of the Wright State University College of Science and Mathematics and a 2002 graduate of Willard High School — go Flashes! His political bonafides include being a short-time member of the Ohio Green Party, participating as a recount observer for the Libertarian, Green, and Democratic parties in the 2004 Ohio presidential recount, and commenting on various Internet blogs (including Daily Kos, Swords Crossed, Ballot Access News, and others) and, in the old days, via USENET on alt.politics.greens. His politics are a mixed bag, but mostly stem from libertarian and left-wing philosophies. At the federal level, his libertarian stripes stand tall, while at the state level, his socialist tendencies kick in.

Stine currently lives in the biggest small town in Ohio — Sandusky — with his girlfriend of nearly 8 (but fiancĂ©e of less than 1) years and his ferret Zeus (aka Gus).

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Creative Commons License

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